Raymond Verdaguer

Raymond Verdaguer is a French artist and illustrator born in the French Pyrenees.  Since 1976, he has specialized with wood engravings and linocuts. His work has appeared in newspapers and magazines such as The New York Times, Harper’s Magazine, Wall Street Journal, San Francisco Magazine, Liberation, International Herald Tribune, Le Point, Le Monde diplomatique, Courrier International. As a book illustrator, Raymond Verdaguer works for a number of major publishers in the US and Europe (Random House, Viking Penguin, TBR Books, and Editions de la Maison de l’Homme). Verdaguer prefers simple outlines and strong dynamic contrasts. He mostly deals with political-ethical topics. His illustrations depict disillusioned and suffering people in a devastated environment, beset by monstrous technology and dubious interests. He takes an anthropological perspective: the person suffering now and the suffering person of all times and spaces. Raymond Verdaguer lives in New York.