The Bilingual Revolution

TBR Books will promote books published in The Bilingual Revolution Series on its Bilingual Revolution home page. Here visitors are able to join the community, contribute ideas, and support various initiatives; access videos, testimonials, reading suggestions; sign up for The Bilingual Revolution newsletter; download resources such as ready-to-use or customizable presentations and brochures; locate existing programs; identify fellow revolutionaries near you, and form a new group; order posters and materials; sign up for webinars; gain access to experts; and sponsor translations.


New York in French

TBR Books will promote all its books in New York in French. The platform was founded in 2009. It is a free, apolitical, community-oriented blog open to anyone interested in French in New York City and its extended surroundings. This platform offers many collaborative tools which let you exchange, inform, contribute and share your interests. Feel free to promote and make others discover your passion for the French language and for the diversity of people who speak French. It currently has 11,500 members.



TBR Books author will receive one month of free online French lessons with Frantastique. Learn French daily with an e-mail, a story, and a personalized correction. In each lesson, follow the adventures of Victor Hugo as he explores the Francophone universe. The courses are humorous, practical and include a wide variety of accents. Our lessons are adapted for post-beginners.