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What if we lived in a world where every child would grow up bilingual?

The Bilingual Revolution is a movement that emerged out of New York City around 2005 and which has now culminated into an ever-growing community of advocates for multilingual education. Around the world, newly-founded dual-language programs owe much of their success to the sheer willpower of parents. More and more dual-language programs are created simply because families or educators asked for them or were able to convince their school’s leadership of their advantages. On this platform you can find support and free resources for the development of dual-language programs in schools.

We want to create more dual-language programs in schools around the world

Dual-language education is considered to be an effective way of learning a new language and, in many countries of the world, it represents an increasingly popular pedagogic approach. Here are CALEC’s initiatives and resources to help multiply the number of dual-language programs around the world.




Empowered parents can initiate dual-language programs for their children to either acquire a new language, preserve their linguistic heritage, or bestow upon them valuable skills and advantages to help them succeed in an interconnected, global world.

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With over 200 titles, TBR Books is the publishing arm of the Center for the Advancement of Languages, Education and Communities. We publish researchers and practitioners who seek to engage diverse communities on topics related to education, languages, cultural history, and social initiatives. We translate our books in a variety of languages to further expand our impact.

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Learning multiple languages from a young age can benefit greatly to children. Mastering multiple languages has an impact on the functioning of the brain, on the academics capabilities of children, on their social skills and on their economic future.

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The parents that have spearheaded recent dual-language programs, some of whom provide testimonials in the case studies featured on this website, value the benefits of bilingualism, biliteracy, and biculturalism. Read their story.

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CALEC’s team has developed some expertise in several models presented on our platform. However, we are interested in all kinds of bilingual education programming.

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Hear from parents, educators, experts who have supported dual-language programs as they share advice and lessons learned on how to make your program successful.

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Parents can make a difference in their communities, by starting dual-language programs no matter where they are located. Read this abridged Roadmap for parents who are interested in creating a dual-language program in a public school.

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Watch webinar recordings and organize your own workshop with one of our experts.

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Access hundreds of downloadable resources, PowerPoint presentations, customizable brochures, and more. The Bilingual Revolution toolkit will help you gain time and prepare you for action.

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Started in 2018 in partnership with French Morning, an online news magazine, our podcast features many experts of bilingualism and bilingual education from around the world.

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Our global network

CALEC’s global outreach is expanding in many ways thanks to volunteers and supporters from around the world.

Globally-minded Mission

Our mission is to establish language as a critical life skill, through developing and implementing bilingual education programs, promoting diversity, reducing inequality, and helping to provide quality education. Our programs seek to protect world cultural heritage and support teachers, authors, and families by providing the knowledge and resources to create vibrant multilingual communities.


We are connected with researchers and practitioners from around the world. Interested in inviting one of them for your event or organizing a book talk?

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CALEC’s expanding network of country representatives helps us identify schools, authors, partners, and opportunities. They are volunteers who contribute to CALEC’s programs and global reach. Want to be a CALEC Rep? Contact us at one of our headquarters below.

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CALEC’s team is composed of an intenational group of professionals, leaders, language advocates, country representatives, volunteers, and interns. Our team members are located all over the world. They bring their talent, energy, and cross-cultural expertise, and speak a variety of languages. Check out our volunteer and internship page.

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