The Bilingual Revolution

What is it?

The Bilingual Revolution is a movement that emerged out of New York City around 2005 and which has now culminated into an ever-growing community of advocates for multilingual education. It is also a book written by Dr. Fabrice Jaumont and translated into several languages. Through CALEC, the Bilingual Revolution has become a program focusing on advocacy, knowledge sharing, and the empowerment of linguistic communities around the world. Furthermore, CALEC maintains this online platform as a way to support the development of language education in schools, particularly in public schools, free of charge, and therefore accessible to every student and family.



Through our platform, publications, podcast, and case studies, CALEC is fulfilling its goal of providing accessible knowledge, guidance, and encouragement to parents, educators, and linguistic communities as they consider implementing a dual-language program in their community or school. We believe that children who have had a bilingual upbringing enjoy numerous benefits beyond the acquisition of another language, including a better appreciation of other cultures, other individuals, and even oneself. Additionally, the cognitive, emotional, and social advantages of being bilingual, biliterate, and multicultural should be offered to everyone.


The Call to Action

What if we lived in a world where every child would grow up bilingual? By Fabrice Jaumont



The parents that have spearheaded recent dual-language programs, some of whom provide testimonials in the case studies featured on this website, value the benefits of bilingualism, biliteracy, and biculturalism. They ask that schools help foster multilingual competencies and encourage new language acquisition as early as possible, preferably through immersive programs.

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The Bilingual Revolution is a movement toward international bilingualism. Through parent involvement in their school districts, the goal is to implement bilingual immersion programs in schools across the nation and to make bilingualism the norm.

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Hear from parents, educators,  experts who have supported dual-language programs  as they share advice and lessons learned on how to make your program successful.



Parents can make a difference in their communities, by starting dual-language programs no matter where they are located. Read this abridged Roadmap for parents who are interested in creating a dual-language program in a public school.

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