Case Studies

The parents that have spearheaded recent dual-language programs, some of whom provide testimonials in the case studies featured on this website, value the benefits of bilingualism, biliteracy, and biculturalism. They ask that schools help foster multilingual competencies and encourage new language acquisition as early as possible, preferably through immersive programs. Some of these parents are also motivated by a strong desire to sustain their linguistic heritage and ask that schools place value on their children’s heritage language and culture. As school authorities reconstruct bilingual education so that it serves more children and meets new objectives, the aim of this website is to empower parents to make a difference by forming initiatives and establishing new dual-language programs. This would be a huge benefit for any society whose citizens are willing to open their minds to the world—the world of others—by mastering languages and discovering new cultures. The Bilingual Revolution tells the story of a bottom-up, grassroots approach conducted through the efforts of parents that positively transformed schools and communities in unprecedented ways.


Changing the Landscape: Brooklyn’s First Japanese Pgrogram


Strategic Minds: The Story of the German Dual-Language Initiative


Paving the Way: The Pioneers of Spanish Dual-Language Education


The Domino Effect: Multiplying French Programs


Overcoming Prejudice: The City’s Arabic Dual Language Programs


Celebrating Culture:The Polish Community’s Language Program


A Tale of Two Boroughs: Russian in Harlem and Brooklyn


Summoning the Community: Three Attempts for One Italian Program


High Achievers: The High School for Dual Language & Asian Studies

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