Phase 3: Launching the Program


Phase Three
Launching the Program
Building a Successful Dual-Language Program from
Day One

Once the school principal is on board, you and your group must focus your attention on several other aspects. Most importantly, you will have to secure the required number of families and make sure that they enroll their children in the program.

  • Organize tours of the school and give presentations during school events in order to enroll more families, if space is available.
  • Continue to promote the program
  • Organize ongoing parent information meetings
  • Invite parents and teachers from existing dual-language programs to share their experiences.

There are also a number of ways you can support the principal:

  • Secure the materials that will be needed by teachers in the first few months after the program is launched.
  • Share best practices from established dual-language programs that you acquired during your site visits and interactions with other schools.
  • Research books that are aligned with the curriculum, and prepare lists of books that can be ordered by the school or by other parents and supporters.

You may need to assist the principal in the recruitment process, as finding competent and qualified bilingual teachers and teaching assistants is often difficult. You may be asked to help with translating and interpreting during interviews, as well as giving your opinion on the candidates’ proficiency in the language.

The fundraising committee can start a number of tasks as well, such as:

  • Organizing events and drafting appeals to receive donations that will support the dual-language classroom, the library, and the school at large.
  • Enlisting the help of a dual-language specialist or a consultant who will be able to train teachers and teacher assistants, develop the curriculum, and obtain instructional materials from vendors nationally or internationally.
  • Helping to write grant proposals in order to obtain additional funding from district, state, federal agencies, foundations, and foreign governments.

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