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Franglais Soup e

Franglais Soup e, is a gently illustrated rhyming abecedarian book in English and French. By using words that sound the same and have the same meaning, “new” language acquisition seems effortless, and the listener/reader can hear and develop new vocabulary with visual aids or build on an existing core.

All of the words selected in the book start with the same letter in both English and French to enforce visual comprehension. The concept is that once the book is finished in one language, the reader may flip it upside down and start again in the alternate language.

· Parents and teachers will find this book, with its lilting rhymes and gentle illustrations, an engaging book to be read to babies or pre-readers as a way of introducing vocabulary bolstered by illustrations that are clear and pleasant. For the reader (parent), this book presents the opportunity for dual language learning. For the reading child, the book will stimulate mastery of basic words in two languages, supported by rhyming and illustrations.

· The author/Illustrator is a bi-lingual, classically trained Shakespearean actor who currently teaches English to Journalism and Communication Majors in France. The book was created with her 5 year old daughter and students as a game to find words that were similar in both French and English. By using rhythm and musicality to create the rhymes, the author/illustrator was able to focus on the things that were the same rather than things that were different between the 2 languages.

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About the Author

Adrienne Mei Irving Bio

Adrienne Mei Irving was born in Toronto, Canada. Her bilingual journey was established and nurtured in the Canadian School System’s Early French Immersion Program and sustained during her years at the National Theatre School of Canada (NTSC) in Montreal where she received classical Shakespearean training in theatre performance. This training ensured attention to rhetoric, verse and meter – important cues in learning/teaching new language. Adrienne currently lives with her family in the South of France where she is raising a bilingual daughter, and teaches English to Journalism and Communications majors. This book was developed as a tool for teaching her daughter and students to find words that were similar in both languages using concepts of rhetoric, verse, meter and musicality to create imagery and quick word recall.


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