My Cut & Play Numberland

(pre-order) “My Cut & Play Numberland” is an engaging, research-backed cut and play book designed to introduce 3-5 year olds to numbers and shapes through imaginative play and interactive activities. This set includes all necessary characters and elements for children to build their own Numberland, fostering mathematical understanding through hands-on experience and creativity.


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Make your own numbers and shapes

My Cut and Play Numberland is an irresistible, researched and field-proven mathematics world to help children develop the crucial understanding of the concept of numbers in all their details. It sees numbers through the eyes of children and helps build a solid bridge from the imaginative and emotional world of 3-5 year olds to the formal, abstract language of maths.

With this set, you can create a tangible, structuring environment packed with relevant aspects of numbers and shapes translated into the world of children. The set contains all Numberland characters and elements you need to engage your children in imaginative role play, mathematical discussions and to open eyes for the maths around us.

We play that numbers have a home like us, and together we build this neighbourhood: Along Number Lane, the numbers move in. For each number zero to ten, we find their house, the geometrically shaped garden, and plant flowers in the flower beds. We explore, compare and reason. What else can we find around us to decorate the gardens or give as a present to the numbers? 5 buttons? 4 pebbles and a tower of 4 blocks? 2 twigs? A pair of gloves? Where can the toy car park? Oh no, Trickster has stolen 1 pebble from Three’s garden! Numberilly, will you help us fix it?! So much to do and talk about…

The didactic concept of Numberland was first conceived in 2004 from research into children’s mathematical development by Dr Gerhard Friedrich of Germany. Barbara Schindelhauer is his co-author and passionate about making Numberland available in any setting and connecting with professionals around the world. You may find further information and resources online:

How to put your Numberland together

All elements only need to be cut. You may laminate them first to make them more durable if you wish. For a 3D version, consider gluing the number characters and houses on a box, a wooden block or a wooden wedge. How about making a wall poster with all elements?

Provide more items children can use to decorate the gardens, e.g. counters, toys and every day objects. Also encourage children to find things themselves!

About the author

Barbara Schindelhauer advocates for education through the eyes of children and promotes the holistic concept “Let’s visit Numberland” among teachers and parents. She has presented projects and studies in different settings and has been training teachers since 2004 in Germany and internationally. She has been a keynote speaker and session leader at various conferences with a focus on mathematics and literacy.

Barbara’s mission is to fully embrace the chances of early mathematics and contribute to equal chances for all children.


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