Would you help me choose a pet?

Would you help me choose a pet? is a bilingual book for children and parents who love a good story, want to learn animal names in Mandarin, and would like to have fun discovering their Chinese Zodiac sign. It tells the story of a boy in search of an animal to become his pet. He and his helpful friend explore the characteristics of a wide range of animals as they seek the perfect bedside companion. In the process, they sing songs and discover which animals are part of the Chinese Zodiac. Families with toddlers, preschoolers, and children of all ages will enjoy learning about animals, singing fun Mandarin songs, and acquainting themselves with Chinese culture. A perfect book for the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Tiger.

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Gail Foster is an educator, social entrepreneur, and advocate on behalf of women-owned education enterprises. Dr. Foster originally wrote this book for the children of Morningside PlayCare, a Mandarin and Spanish immersion nursery school which she founded in New York City in 2015. The school produces multilingual and well-rounded children, comfortable in their relationship with nature, and able to tap the health and well-being tools of yoga. Her big vision is that these children will one day become cross-cultural bridge-builders. As an education research scholar, she has published on the topic of private schools founded by African Americans and has won numerous civic awards for her community service. Dr. Foster is the founder of several education associations, including the Association of Historically Black Independent Schools, and the Manhattan Early Childhood Alliance.

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