The Bilingual Revolution

The Bilingual Revolution provides resources and advocacy tools for parents, educators, and community leaders who seek to respond to their communities’ language needs by creating dual-language programs in local schools, or who are interested in supporting multilingualism, bilingual, and heritage language education throughout society. We are a member of the Joint National Committee for Languages and National Council for Languages and International Studies (JNCL-NCLIS).



TBR Books

To Be Read Books is our publishing arm for researchers and practitioners that seek to engage diverse communities on topics related to education, cultural history, language, and social initiatives. We translate our books in a variety of languages to further expand their impact. The publishing platform allows us to generate revenue through various book sales options. We are a member of the Independent Book Publishers Association and the American Booksellers Association.



Dual-Language Education

We promote dual-language education around the workld and organize workshops and talks, participate in conferences, and publish books on the topic. Some of our programs support schools and multilingual communities such as our digital and community platforms. We provide consulting to parents, school leaders, and educators who implement multilingual programs in their school. We assist school communities in implementing dual-language programs, developing curriculum, acquiring literacy resources in the target language, and recruiting and training teachers.



Building Bilingual Communities

New York in French provides collaborative tools which let its 12,000 members exchange, promote, and make others discover their passion for the French language and for the diversity of people who speak French. The platform is a free, apolitical, community-oriented blog open to anyone interested in French in New York City and its extended surroundings.


Bilingual conversations

Voices of multilingualism

Get ready to be inspired, informed and entertained by our French podcast Révolution bilangue where we delve into the fascinating world of multilingualism. Through engaging conversations with experts, educators, and language enthusiasts, we uncover the power of languages in fostering cultural understanding, enhancing cognitive abilities, and promoting inclusive communities.


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