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Rose Alone


by Sheila Flynn DeCosse

After the Great Exile of her entire Acadian community from Canada in 1755, half of Rose’s family and her boyfriend disappear. As part of their forced resettlement in colonial East Hampton, New York, the English government begins it’s work to turn Rose and her Acadian family into “proper English citizens”. Lonely and unable to speak her native French, Rose’s situation is made worse by a vindictive Master who blames her as a French speaker for the capture and perhaps death of his son by French

The Word of the Month


by Andrew Arnon, Benjamin Levy, Jim Sheppard

Published monthly since 2010, The Word of the Month is a short, irreverent focus on words and terms in the headlines. The format combines original artwork along with words, definitions, examples and expressions from members of the Gymglish creative team. Each monthly entry is translated into French, German and Spanish, though the goal is to amuse and educate the reader with accessible, practical, modern English.

Uncle Steve’s Country Home


by Teboho Moja

This is the story of Kaelo who travels from his hometown of Johannesburg in South Africa to visit uncle Steve’s house. The term uncle is used as a form of respect traditionally to an elder close to the family even if they are not blood relatives. Uncle Steve’s house is in the Catskills Mountains, a large area in the southeastern portion of the U.S. in the state of New York. A beautiful “Carnet de voyage” from the perspective of a 10-year-old child as he discovers many new sceneries and animals living in this part of the world and compares them with the wildlife that he knows best back home. Some of the animals are only found in the Us and not in South Africa.


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