Video Testimonials


The Bilingual Revolution Po Polsku by Andrzej Cierkosz

New York’s first Polish-English Dual Language Program is presented here in this great documentary produced by Dobra Polska Szkola


Building a unique
Japanese-English Dual Language Program in Bushwick

Inspiring video from the parents and educators of New York’s first Japanese dual-language program at PS147 in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

A look inside PS58’s French dual-language program

P.S. 58 introduced its first Dual Language French/English class in 2007.

Each class contains two language populations: English-dominant students (Anglophones) and French-fluent students (Francophones). During the course of the program, each group of children learn the second language. Bilingual children are usually dominant in one of the two languages, and will begin to learn to read and write in their dominant language while also learning in their second language. The entry point for the program is Kindergarten. Most students move up each year as a cohort into the next grade, so there are fewer seats available for newcomers beyond their Kindergarten year. Children who are fluent in French can be enrolled in the DLP in any grade as long as we have available seats. Unfortunately, children who do not speak French fluently are not candidates for the program after Kindergarten.

A Principal’s Perspective

Nicole Lanzillotto, Principal of Boerum Hill School for International Studies

Having a Bilingual Child

Jean-Cosme Delaloye, parent and founder of PS133’s French dual-language program in Brooklyn.

Creating a Russian Dual-Language

in Harlem

Olga and Julia created a Russian dual-language program in Harlem. They tell us how they did it.

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